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How studio days work
Studio days are a joint agreement between the model and the studio, there is no direct liability to either party.

Wether we approach you or your approach us, the way things work are the same:

A date is decided between both parties, the studio holds days around once or twice a month.

Rates are £15 per hour for the studio plus your hourly rate (normally around £30-35 per hour) so we can keep costs competitive for photographers.

Typical hours are:
09.30 - 10.30
10.40 - 11.40
11.50 - 12.50
13.00 - 14.00
30 mins break
14.30 - 15.30
15.40 - 16.40
16.50 - 17.50
18.00 - 19.00

We can be flexible on starting times but no later than 10am.  We always have a 10 minute break between shoots, this is for the models to have a quick break and touch up makeup ect. and for us to tidy up the previous set ready for the next one.  There are no exceptions and we will not run slots back to back.

Both parties will only be paid for the slots sold, so its incentive for both parties to sell the day, any unsold slots will not be paid for by either party.

The model will be expected to promote the day as much as he/she can, the studio also promotes the day via the website, mailing lists, posters in the studio, model sites and social media.  However, just because we have advertised on these places it doesnt mean the model doesnt have to!  Both the model and studio have a different set of followers so the more promotion the better. 

Both parties have a duty to keep the other informed of bookings so no double bookings are made either by email, text or phone call.  We are happy for the model to take bookings if this rule is kept too, otherwise the model may direct the photographer to the studio directly to book.

Remember, if your day doesnt sell out then dont panic, this is something that happens and there is no pattern or reason to it.  The more you advertise yourself the more chance you have of selling out! 

Also remember to leave feedback for the photographers you work with and ask them if you can contact them if you are back in the area, repeat business is an excellent way of selling your slots on future days.

For new photographers both to the model and studio then a 50% deposit is payable from the photographer.